8.4.2019 - Dakota is pregnant. Expected date of birth13.5.2019

14.3.2019 - Man means and nature changes. We are mated. The groom is Akim Beskydský dvůr


19.1.2019 - In the section Puppies are current photos and weights of puppies.

30.12.2018 - We have puppies.      Puppies

23.11.2018 - Axi is pregnant. We expect birth of puppies at the end of the year


31.10.2018 - Mating Axi Vikar and Dronko vom Alten Försterhaus took place

27.5.2018 - Puppies are already 3 weeks old. Photographs are new photos Litter "A"

19.5.2018 - Puppies have 2 weeks. The photo gallery contains new photos of our puppies - Litter "A"

13.5.2018 - We have a new member of a dog pack at home  D´ Roxy od Turoveckých rybníků

11.5.2018 - We have added new pictures of puppies to the section Litter "A"

4.5.2018 - Today, Dakota Varjag z Bukové has begun 7 beautiful puppies, 5 females and 2 males

25.4.2018 - Dakota Varjag z Bukové - 50th day of pregnancy


3.4.2018 - Pregnancy confirmed!!! Dakota will have puppies in early May. 


19.3.2018 - Vloženo nové video poslušnosti k Cynk od Turoveckých rybníků

17.3.2018 - Today we and Axi Vikar took part in OV German Shepherds in Sezimovo Ústí. In the teenage class, Axi ran a VD mark

11.3.2018 - Today, Axi Vikar and Gio-Gió Ja Na Ka took part in the ZKO Boršov nad Vltavou Exam.

                   Axi Vikar - BH

                   Gio-Gió Ja Na Ka - BH

4.3.2018 - Dakota Varjag z Bukové was shot by the beautiful Aivengo Ritsar'Anglii

28.2.2018 - A new video of obedience has been inserted for Axi Vikar

                   A new video of obedience has been inserted for Cynk od Turoveckých rybníků

                  A new video of obedience has been inserted for Gio-Gió Ja Na Ka


16.1.2018 - Eddie has a new owner .... Gert Vandersmissen (Belgium)

11.1.2018 - Today a great news came. Eddie z Bukovanské osady DKK A/A, DLK 0/0 and spoldyl. neg. !!!!! I am very happy :-)

5.1.018 - Today, new websites are running. We hope you will like it and you will find everything that interests you :-)